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The future of remote work will be in the metaverse

Through the pandemic, we have seen a significant shift across the globe where many people worked from home. We showed that productivity did not decrease and that remote work was possible. You could be sitting in one part of the world and be working alongside someone else virtually who lives miles away. It goes without saying that technology has aided us in being able to remote work but with emerging technology this will be taken a step further.

This past year we have seen companies introduce new ways in which we can all better connect with one another. Meta has teamed up with Zoom and Microsoft to provide more utility within VR.

We have seen great strides in VR headsets focused on businesses that push for more optimization when working. We see an increase in interest and upcoming importance of workers using VR in their daily professional lives. It will be an effective tool that will help with connectivity, productivity, collaboration, and even training. Another emerging concept is the metaverse and we see it as being a key component in aiding people with remote work as well. Bill Gates has even predicted that within the next 3 years we can expect to see most meetings take place within the metaverse.

One of our focuses within Orbit World Metaverse is to provide businesses and employees with the professional space to meet virtually. It will be an extension of your workspace and meeting rooms. We are working on creating a space that will encourage for ideas to flourish and develop. We see this as the natural progression to virtual meetings. Being in a dedicated space, even virtually we believe will help everyone with feeling more focused. Virtual conferences and meetings although great and useful cannot replicate being in the same environment, but working within our metaverse will be a step in that direction.

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