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Saudi based company, FalconViz develops their Metaverse to aid multiple industries

Before digital twins and even drone-based photogrammetry were known by the public, FalconViz has been developing the tools of the future. To that extent, at the BIM and Digital Twins Exhibition 2023 in Riyadh, the company announced the launch of the FalconViz Metaverse which aims to launch the company into the new age of digitization.

The Metaverse is largely considered the next era of the internet. Whilst it is difficult to single out one standard definition for the Metaverse, it is considered an immersive, interoperable, and synchronous virtual world. This new age of the internet will most certainly disrupt and transform the current social and economic structures and bring about a whole new wave of opportunity across many different sectors. The company defines the Metaverse as a 3D real-time social medium where people can create and engage in shared experiences across many modalities of converged digital and real worlds.

Commenting on this huge announcement Dr. Neil Smith, FalconViz’s Chief Information Officer, and Co-founder said: “At the heart of this is digital twins which we have been creating using drones and high definition laser scanning for years. Digital twinning is an industry which is projected to reach over $125 billion by 2030. Now, however, within the Metaverse, we can finally allow stakeholders to view their critical assets as they are in real life enabling an embodied immersive experience. It also allows stakeholders to simulate spaces, objects, and processes.”.

The Metaverse opens new possibilities in how FalconViz interacts with the data in the future, which allows them to go from viewing data as placeable AR models to jumping into our data at 1:1 scale, with full immersion. The company can connect critical information captured in structural reports such as cracks and damage to a building and immediately jump to those locations to examine the area and gain a spatial awareness of the surroundings, and the procedures that would need to be taken to make immediate repairs. There is no limit to how they can explore the data to gain insight that is not possible from 2D plans.

FalconViz is excited to announce the FalconViz Metaverse Lab in Saudi Arabia, these tools can be applied to any BIM project, and allow it to handle giga projects and deliver mixed-reality experiences. The company sees this as just the beginning, looking forward to the FalconViz Metaverse Lab contributing to achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.