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Our Metaverse project

Orbit World Metaverse

Orbit World Metaverse is a metaverse project that we are working on that bridges the gap between customers and traditional forms of businesses within the metaverse. Our goal is to provide a realistic world that acts as your home away from home. When you enter Orbit World Metaverse, you’ll be stepping into a city where you can learn, work, attend live events, and shop. We will bring the stores to you.

We will offer businesses the ability to ‘set up shop’ and create a new and unique shopping experience for customers. As a majority of customers now shop online, we’ll offer a more engaging shopping experience by gamifying the online shopping experience. We will be partnering up with companies that are well-established to create a digital twin in our metaverse. It will be unlike any experience you’ve seen.

Within Orbit World Metaverse, users will be able to use the Comet token to make purchases at traditional brick and mortar stores or marketplaces for NFTs and digital artwork. They will also be able to get cashback and gain loyalty points. The Comet token is native to Orbit World Metaverse and will be launching on the DEX soon!

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