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Meta reportedly is making a decentralized platform to rival Twitter and Mastodon

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is in the process of developing a new App. The text-based content app will be compatible with ActivityPub. This decentralized social networking protocol powers various decentralized social media apps competing with Twitter, including Mastodon.

Meta’s P92 App to Offer Instagram Branded Text-Based Decentralized Social Networking

The upcoming app, known as P92, will reportedly carry the Instagram branding and offer users the ability to sign in with their existing Instagram credentials. This initiative aims to capitalize on the rising trend of Twitter users exploring alternative platforms.

As per a TechCrunch report, the P92 team intends to adopt the “fork” approach for the app’s initial version. This implies that users’ profiles will be filled with their Instagram account details, such as their name, username, bio, profile photo, and followers. However, the app will also have an additional privacy policy and terms of service that specifically address cross-app data sharing, while adhering to the company’s existing privacy policy.

In recent times, several competing platforms such as Mastodon,, and T2 have either launched or gained traction, as tech firms and startups aim to leverage the growing inclination of Twitter users towards alternative decentralized social media platforms.

P92 Decentralized Social Media MVP

The primary goal of the P92 decentralized social media app’s minimum viable product (MVP) is to enable users to share posts with individuals on other servers. However, it remains uncertain whether users will be able to follow or view content from other servers. Additionally, the initial version of the app will offer various features. These include tappable links in posts with previews, user bios, usernames, verification badges, and shareable images and videos.

The app will also provide followers and likes functionalities. However, it’s uncertain if the first version will include commenting and messaging capabilities. Furthermore, the development team is deliberating on the possibility of allowing the resharing of content, akin to Twitter, but only for business and creator accounts. The MVP will include a rights manager for first-party content but won’t support third-party content from other servers and apps.

Meta’s P92 app to Prioritize Privacy with Blockchain Technology

Sources indicate that the P92 app will prioritize privacy. It will leverage blockchain technology to provide users with enhanced control over their data. Meta has been researching blockchain technology for some time and recently rebranded from Facebook. The move aims to reflect its concentration on the metaverse and other novel technologies.

Meta’s entry into the realm of decentralized social media with the P92 app marks a significant step in the tech giant’s endeavors to capitalize on the increasing inclination of Twitter users towards alternative platforms. The app’s prospects of success are uncertain. However, the firm’s emphasis on privacy and the adoption of blockchain technology could give it an advantage over its rivals.