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How will the metaverse change how we interact with one another?

The idea of the metaverse is one that greatly excites us. We see it as a revolutionary concept that is going to greatly alter the way that we not only interact with one another, but also the world around us.

Here are a few ways we see it shifting society forward:

Firstly, the current method of communicating with one another through the internet, although no denying is great… is limited. We have seen how online meetings are unable to replicate or replace face-to-face interactions. With the metaverse and advancement in technology, distance will no longer be felt. We are currently seeing tech giants and startups experiment with facial tracking software that mimics our expressions onto our avatars. Virtual meetings will be more dynamic and life-like on the metaverse.

Online learning will be more interactive and immersive within the metaverse. There are many companies that are looking to explore various avenues of e-learning. The two years most students and teachers spent on distance learning showed that there was a lot to be desired. Students struggled with maintaining focus and remaining attentive in class and it was difficult for teachers to replicate environment students get in school. Through the metaverse, we can see these issues be addressed. By creating a virtual environment that mimics a classroom, students of all ages will be more engaged. Not only that, but their fellow peers will also be in the virtual classroom as them, making them feel less isolated.

We have seen artists like Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, and more partner up with metaverse games (Roblox and Fortnite) to host virtual concerts. We can expect this to be more frequent as the technology improves. This not only helps artists better connect with their fans, but fans across the globe can share the experience together no matter where they are. It will be a great unifying experience that will take the term ‘global’ to a whole new meaning.

Live events will not be exclusive to just well-known performers, on the metaverse artists (whether they are just starting or have a large following) will be able to showcase their talent. Offering a space for artists and performers will be key on the metaverse and will only aid in gaining them more exposure. Ideas will also be more freely passed on the metaverse through the aid of visual and graphic art.

We are also seeing more and more companies explore mixed AR and are looking forward to seeing how they incorporate this into new technology.

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