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FIFA has signed multi-year partnership with metaverse company Upland

Upland website screen grab

FIFA has signed a multi-year partnership with metaverse gaming platform Upland to let fans collect NFTs of video highlights from upcoming World Cup matches. FIFA’s virtual open world on Upland will include a virtual replica of Lusail Stadium in Qatar and other FIFA-branded apparel, shops, and virtual property in the game.

All 32 World Cup teams will have digital country crests, boots, shirts, logos, posters, and team mascots featured in Upland, which spans more than 3 million registers users across its app for iOS, Android and the web. Fans can also buy virtual buildings in Upland to be decorated with flags of their favorite World Cup team.

Upland will announce a new capital city in its virtual world on Dec. 18, and the capital will be decided based on the nation that wins the real World Cup in Qatar. In January, Upland struck a deal with the NFLPA to make NFTs representing more than 2,000 active NFL players.