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Egyptian singer Hakim enters the Metaverse

Egyptian singer Hakim became the first Arab star to enter the Metaverse, highlighting that he wanted to experience the new generation of media, digital content, and communication.

“I am looking for the future, and this will indeed be the new use among humans,” Hakim stated.

He also underlined that the educational authorities will be able to provide virtual practical experiences that are difficult to do in the real world.

Last year, many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and Tia Kofi embraced the metaverse world partnering with various metaverse and Web3 platforms.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber introduced a wave of young fans to new technologies in 2021 when he held his first concert ‘inside the metaverse’.

Bieber held a free 30-minute concert on the virtual music platform, performing songs from his latest album, ‘Justice’.

Although it was not a fully immersive metaverse experience, the concert gave people a glimpse of what attending popular events could be like in the near future.