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How to Participate

Sign Up for an Exclusive Membership to join our Orbit World Metaverse community and collect $COMET, the currency of the first comprehensive metaverse world which houses virtual twins of several brick-and-mortar billion-dollar businesses. Our metaverse offers an inhabitable, alternate environment to the physical world. $COMET is the currency used within the Orbit World Metaverse for various types of transactions: loyalty, rewards, pay for subscriptions or a doctor consultation, or to purchase goods which would be delivered to your door steps.


Sign Up

Quickly sign up using your email and verify it to gain access to the ICO and News on Comet.



Using PayPal or your Card you can purchase Comet which will be later distributed to you after the ICO end date.


Wait 4 Listing

To give our community liquidity we will be launching on multiple exchanges and distributing COMET to your selected Binance smart chain wallet .

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ALW is a pioneering digital E-learning platform that provides students with a personalized and unique learning experience, using advanced and traditional learning tools in a safe environment. All with the support of Artificial Intelligence and consistent with the best online learning international standards and strategies. At Advanced Learning World, we share your desire to give your children the best learning opportunities. We bring together local and international experts to answer the unsolvable by providing a comprehensive online learning platform that serves students, teachers, parents, and schools and helps them avoid possible frequent errors.

Salam is a leading Saudi based telecom provider offering next-generation ICT solutions for broadband, connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, security services, satellite services and internet services for government, businesses, wholesale and consumers sectors. In partnership with COMET, you will be able to tap into all products and exclusive offers via the Salam store and receive VIP customer service.

The Orbit World Metaverse (The COMET City) is the start of the disruptive way we consume, with our 10 diverse partnership we will offer users the ability to interact and purchase items and services, from the metaverse Hypermarkets to Gaming & Streaming. Comet will tap into multiple sectors and create an environment where every store of any kind can easily setup a virtual store in Orbit World Metaverse, no programing and in no time.

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Q4 2022

  • Official Partnership signing with Mawarid Conglomerate
  • Hyper Meed store designed and playable for $COMET token holders.
  • Token distribution
  • Token listing

Q1 2023

  • Full marketing campaign with our social media partners,
  • Soft launch of Salam, AWL and Meed to all users.
  • More token listing

Q2 2023

  • Beta launch of Comet world.
  • Continued marketing campaign with weekly testing and AMA.
  • Confirm remaining Mawarid partnership to reach 20+ stores.
  • Startup the Comet retail tool to increase stores.

Q3 2023

  • Listing on majority of major exchanges.
  • Release of phase 2 of Comet world.
  • Beta of Comet retail tool to increase stores.

Q4 2023

  • Mobile startup of Comet world.
  • Release of phase 3 of Comet world.
  • Continue adding more stores to the city.
  • Team expansion

Q1 2024

  • Mobile testing for Comet world
  • Completed launch of retail tool and 30+ stores.

Q2 2024

  • Comet world on all platforms with IOS and android completed.
  • Launch of NFT marketplace for exclusive rewards.
  • Integration of listed NFT projects.
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Key Points



The first Metaverse city with functioning real-life utility. Comet offers a fluid retail experience in web 3, which is developed by industry giants.



Collect store tokens and rewards for purchases and interactions made in Comet world. Easily receive 15% cashback on all transaction and use your points to exchange for items.


Use your NFT’s

Wear your NFT’s ingame and flex all the money you blew on a stupid monkey, its finally time to integrate your favorite projects.


Exclusive offers

With over 10 partnered stores be the first to receive insane offers only available for Comet World players and make profit from it.

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Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

Public Sale : $0.02

  • Soft Sale

  • Hard Sale

  • Loyalty rewards

  • Legal

  • Development

  • Marketing

  • Operation

  • Licensing


Dr. Husam Yaghi

The Metaverse Chief

Hello and welcome to the future of the metaverse led by Dr Husam Yaghi with over 30 years of experience in the tech field, we will be guided by Yaghi to design and develop the Orbit World Metaverse.

His first venture into tech was the founding of the first ISP company, GloboNet, in Louisiana, USA, then moved on to the Middle East to work with the Saudi Arabian National Guard, where he was a Senior Advisor leading several innovative national projects. Spending his time working on his business and building for others, Husam has gained multiple years worth of experience in blockchain and web3 with the starting of the company, Ateon, the first blockchain solution company in KSA. While CEO of Ateon, his eyes were opened to the potential of the metaverse. He now is part of one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East working on integrating multiple Group companies into the Orbit World Metaverse.