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Bringing reality to your fingertips, enter Orbit World Metaverse and access over 20 real life institutions, including, entertainment, online learning, healthcare and more, explore the website to learn about our project.

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    Orbit World Metaverse will be a desktop application allowing you to buy whatever your heart desires as we begin to bridge the gap between the world and the metaverse by gamifying our partnerships with companies generating over 5 billion in revenue. We plan to create digital twins for our brick-and-mortar companies; starting with our telecom services company, Salam, then our online learning business, Advanced Learning World. Later on, we will add our fintech services, cloud kitchen, Hyper Meed, Telemedicine, security, IoT, and trading businesses. Orbit World Metaverse also will have space to rent out to merchants who wish to capitalize on our ecosystem. Orbit World Metaverse allows merchants and service providers to easily set up their own digital presence in the Orbit World Metaverse with ease.

    Gamifying retail

    Receive rewards for activity

    Put your NFTs to use


    • Token sale 40%
    • Loyalty & Rewards 30%
    • Development Team 15%
    • Marketing & Legal 10%
    • Reserve 5%
    • Orbit World Metaverse City Development 65%
    • Orbit World Metaverse City Marketing & Business Development 15%
    • Operation 10%
    • Licensing 5%
    • Reserve 5%



      Pre-Launch Sale through Comet Website


    Launch on DEX & IDO


    Beta release of Orbit World Metaverse


    MVP Launch of Orbit World Metaverse


    Full release of Orbit World Metaverse Phase 1


    Release of Orbit World Metaverse Phase 2


    Release of Orbit World Metaverse Phase 3


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